Getting Rid of Voles

Voles are small furry rodents with a fondness for digging tunnels and devouring their body weight in plant matter every day. They are prolific breeders capable of increasing in number faster than predators can eat them. Voles prefer to inhabit areas with heavy plant cover that shelters them from their natural enemies, which include hawks, owls, coyotes, and cats.

Common Vole Problems

  • Voles can devastate crops, gardens, lawns, and golf courses with their burrowing habits.
  • Voles also damage young trees by chewing at their roots and bark.
  • Voles carry many harmful diseases and harbor other pests.


Trapping and Removal

For the most part, voles are classified as protected non-game animals that may only be trapped, removed, or destroyed if they pose an immediate threat to health or property. Since the effective removal of voles can be difficult, wildlife control experts should be called to handle the problematic rodents. Critter Control professionals have the training and experience to successfully rid residential and commercial properties of vole infestations.

We can help you get rid of vole problems. 

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Tunnels in the grass? Mouse like rodents in your shrubs and landscaping? Those scurrying little critters may well be voles. Call Critter Control today for effective vole removal and exclusion services.
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