Getting Rid of Swallows

North America is home to several common species of swallows, including barn swallows, and cliff swallows. Swallows aren't always a bad thing, as they eat lots of insects. Species of swallows normally live near water since they use mud to build nests and as a source of nourishment.

Common Swallow Problems

  • Swallow problems start when they form large groups called colonies.
  • Colonies of swallows can cause lots of damage to farms, cars, and gardens.
  • Thier droppings are foul smelling and carry lots of harmful bacteria.

Trapping and Removal

The safest and legal way to regulate swallow populations is to call professional removal services. Critter Control teams stand ready to use our integrated pest management approach. This entails surveying areas in order to exclude and remove swallows from private property. Our services keep citizens free of fines and the risk of contracting deadly diseases.

We can help you get rid of swallow problems. 

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Swallows are part of the family Hirundinidae and are characterized by their adaptation to aerial feeding.
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