Getting Rid of Sparrows

Sparrows are some of the most common birds in the United States. They were originally introduced to North America in the mid-1800s and populations have since grown to include an estimated 70 million individuals. The two most abundant species in the region are song sparrows and house sparrows. They are usually found in close proximity to humans, are opportunistic feeders, and compete with native bird species for food and nesting sites.

Common Sparrow Problems

  • Sparrows are very aggressive birds and will harass other native species.
  • The birds cause large damages to crop and gardens.
  • The often nest if vents and ducts, causing more damage to your home and creating a fire hazard.

Trapping and Removal

Though they are known to coexist peacefully with humans, sparrows are wild animals. As such, people should not attempt to approach or trap the birds. Critter Control wildlife experts are prepared to help manage unwanted sparrow problems in effective and humane manners.

We can help you get rid of sparrow problems. 

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Birds in the bathroom fan or kitchen vent? Sparrows making nests in your attic or garage? Those little weaver finches in the attic may well be sparrows. Sometimes sparrows cause damage by pecking at insulation inside attics. The nests of sparrows can also be dangerous, as they can be potential fire hazards. Call Critter Control today for effective sparrow removal, control and exclusion services.
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