Wichita residents are no strangers to dealing with skunk problems. Striped skunks are the most common species of skunks in North America. Though typically nocturnal, skunks are still a huge problem on Wichita properties, even if residents don't see them.

Get Rid of Skunks in Wichita

Boy Kneeling Next to Live Trapped SkunksCritter Control of Wichita can help you minimize the risk of skunk damage and even repair skunk damage. Some skunk control services we offer include:

  • Skunk live trapping
  • Deodorizing skunk smell
  • Securing potential entry points into your home with heavy-duty screens and/or vents
  • Installing fences
  • Securing trash cans

Skunk Spray

So is it important to keep skunks off your Wichita property? Yes! The primary issue with skunks is their oily spray, which is a potent defense mechanism unique to skunks. Some indications that a skunk is about to spray can include anything like stomping their front feet, lifting their tail, charging forward, or hissing. Ever wondered why skunk spray smells the way it does? The chemical makeup of a skunk's anal spray primarily consists of sulfur, which emits a rotten egg scent.

Other Skunk Problems

Did you know skunks are also responsible for expensive property damage in Wichita? Learn more about potential skunk problems below:

  • Transmission of dangerous like rabies and leptospirosis
  • Causing decay of structural integrity at the base of home and other buildings
  • Eating important foliage on farms and in yards

When Are Skunks Most Common?

Skunk mating season is late winter/early spring, during which the female skunk can birth up to 9 skunk babies (called kits), but the average litter is between 4–6 kits. Unlike rodents, skunks will typically only have one litter per year. During seasons in which the skunks are not mating, it's not uncommon to discover nearly two dozen skunks living in one den. Skunks don't hibernate, but they're usually less active in the winter season.

Effective Skunk Removal

The tendency of skunks to spray when approached is a very real possibility, so we do not recommend you engage with them. Skunks can also bite, which may require medical care, so we recommend calling our Wichita office to remove skunks from your property. Our skunk experts will make sure your skunk removal is done right the first time, safely and humanely. Protect your home from skunks with a call to Critter Control of Wichita today!

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Dealing with skunks in your Wichita yard or under your porch? Skunk spray is potent and can temporarily blind recipients, including you and your pets. Contact Critter Control of Wichita today for effective skunk control services!
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