Getting Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are some of the most common avian pests. They're known for their large populations in metropolitan areas. 

Common Pigeon Problems

  • Droppings cause damages to buildin, speeding up the deterioration process. 
  • Thier droppings contain pathogens of several diseases including toxoplasmosis and food poisoning.
  • Pigeons carry other pests including lice, fleas, and ticks.

Trapping and Removal

As pigeons spread a number of diseases, individuals are safer not approaching them. In areas where pigeon infestations threaten the general public's health and well-being, pest control professionals should be called in to handle the problem. The trained technicians at Critter Control have the tools and knowledge of pigeon behavior to effectively and safely remove the birds.

We can help you get rid of pigeon problems. 

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Pigeons in the attic or on the roof? Those pesky rock doves leaving droppings all over are common pigeons. Pigeons are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property and machinery with their excessive droppings. Not only do pigeon droppings cause odor and aesthetic problems in public places, droppings can also increase the rate of building destruction.
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