Getting Rid of Pack Rats

Eight different species of pack rats live throughout North America, though their common name is officially woodrats. While they are similar in appearance and size to Norway rats, pack rats have hairy tails as opposed to scaly, soft and fine fur coats as opposed to coarse, and large ears. Woodrats don't often enter homes, as they don't provide the things needed for them to survive, but you may find them in your Cabin or RV.

Common Pack Rat Problems

  • Farmers may experience Pack Rats ripping bark off of trees.
  • They carry diseases, most notably the plague.
  • They harbor other pests such as flea, ticks, and ringworms.

Trapping and Removal

Since they carry diseases and are wild animals, pack rats should never be handled by untrained individuals. If there is a woodrat infestation, professionals should be called to deal with the problem. Critter Control technicians have the tools necessary to trap the rodents safely and humanely.

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Pack Rats
Animals or rodents in the attic or kitchen? Rodent droppings in your home? Those scurrying and scampering critter sounds in the attic may well be pack rats. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective pack rat removal and exclusion services.
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