Getting Rid of Opossums

Opossums are unique, as they are the only marsupial found in North America. They are best known for their defense mechanism of "playing dead." These critters are nocturnal so you won't often see them. They are omnivorous, so they'll usually eat whatever they can get their paws on. 

Common Opossum Problems

  • They become very aggressive when cornered. Will often hiss and show teeth.
  • Opossums carry diseases such as tuberculosis and tularemia.
  • Opossums are usually infested with other parasites, including fleas, ticks, and lice.

Trapping and Removal

As opossums carry various diseases and have sharp teeth and claws, individuals should never try to trap the animal without professional assistance. Critter Control wildlife removal specialists have the proper training, knowledge, and tools to capture and remove pest opossums from homes and businesses. Contacting trained professionals keeps families and pets safe and disease-free.

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Opossums under your house, deck, or in your crawl space? Those scents and sounds may well be an opossum. They are often considered nuisance animals. We trap and remove opossums. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective opossum removal and exclusion services.
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