Getting Rid of Foxes

Foxes are found all over the world. They are known for being sly and are very quick learners. They aren't a very large animal. growing to a weight of 15lbs. They have a large bushy tail and pointed ears.

Common Fox Problems

  • Foxes are notorious for killing farm animals, specifically chickens. 
  • Foxes living in urban areas will damage property and make a mess of your trash cans.
  • Rabies is prevalent in the fox community.

Trapping and Removal

Despite their charming appearances and playful behaviors, foxes bite when they are cornered. As such, individuals should never approach these wild animals. Critter Control specialists have extensive knowledge of pest removal and the experience to safely navigate removal. Our trained technicians make sure eradication is humane.

We can help you get rid of fox problems. 

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