Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Closely related to squirrels, chipmunks stick mainly to the ground and dig burrows for food storage and shelter. The small rodents can climb trees and over structures like fences. Chipmunks are small critter and only grow to about 8 inches. Chipmunks prefer to leave outside, but may sometime wander into homes. 

Common Chipmunk Problems

  • Chipmunks eat flower bulbs and dig for seeds in gardens and yards.
  • They also munch on various vegetables found in gardens.
  • Proficient burrowers, chipmunks may harm the integrity of your porch, deck, or home. 

Trapping and Removal

When basic deterrents and exclusion methods fail, Critter Control can step in to save the day. Simply waiting for chipmunks to leave is a mistake that only allows infestations to escalate. Be proactive and trust our trained technicians to eradicate the pests as swiftly and humanely as possible.

We can help you get rid of chipmunk problems. 

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