Wichita Bat Control

These nocturnal creatures are not typically active during the day, but they do tend to roost in large groups. These small winged critters can cling onto chimneys and get into attics and cause way more damage than you might expect.

  • One-way vents are a common way to get bats out and keep them from coming back in

Common Wichita Bat Damage

Bats are commonly found in attics and barns, as the mammals enjoy safe, dark places. Common roosting areas include hollow logs and bat boxes. During warmer months, bats tend to accidentally fly into homes.

Though they're known for carrying rabies, the amount of bats that actually carry rabies is around half of one percent, but they still shouldn't be handled. Effective bat proofing of your Wichita includes sealing vents, chimneys, windows, entry holes and gaps that bats could potentially use to sneak into your home.


Bat Removal Services

Bats in Wichita are a serious hazard for homeowners. The small critters' feces harbor dangerous spores that humans can inhale, leading to serious illnesses. The bat technicians at Critter Control of Wichita are prepared to get rid of bats in your home and/or business—call today!

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Bats in the chimney or attic can spell trouble for your Wichita home. Foul odors in your home? Critter Control can help eliminate bats in your home and prevent them from re-entry. Call Critter Control of Wichita today for effective bat removal services.
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