Whether animals currently in the attic or natural wear and tear on your home, Critter Control of Wichita can help with it all. If you have noticed damage, including soiled or ripped insulation, or simply not enough insulation in your attic, call our office. We can handle it!

Attic & Insulation Restoration

Attic Restoration Work in Kaw ValleyNormal insulation in attics can become worn, get soiled or ripped when animals are in your attic. Animals like squirrels, mice, and raccoons (among others) are capable of completely damaging your attic and insulation. Critter Control of Wichita is equipped with the proper knowledge, skilled technicians, and methods to repair your home quickly and accurately. Call us today!

Normal Wear & Tear

If you're just looking to cap your insulation, look no further! We can also help you upgrade and replace what you're currently using. Call us today for pricing information and to schedule an inspection.