Attic Restoration

Whether animals currently in the attic or natural wear and tear on your home, Critter Control of Wichita can help with it all. If you have noticed damage, including soiled or ripped insulation, or simply not enough insulation in your attic, call our office. We can handle it!

Attic & Insulation Restoration

Attic Restoration WorkNormal insulation in attics can become worn, get soiled or ripped when animals are in your attic. Animals like squirrels, mice, and raccoons (among others) are capable of completely damaging your attic and insulation. Critter Control of Wichita is equipped with the proper knowledge, skilled technicians, and methods to repair your home quickly and accurately. Call us today!

Normal Wear & Tear

If you're just looking to cap your insulation, look no further! We can also help you upgrade and replace what you're currently using. Call us today for pricing information and to schedule an inspection.



Wildlife Prevention & Exclusion

Wildlife Prevention MaterialsWhether you are currently experiencing an animal infestation or you're just hoping to prevent a future problem, call Critter Control of Wichita and keep your home safe from unwanted animal entry.

Professional and Proven

Wildlife animals are very smart and get into your home through many areas that are not visible an untrained homeowner. Our Critter Control of Wichita technicians have years of experience and training and will discover possible entry points and install methods of prevention to keep animals out! Our proven techniques are effective and proven to be successful. Make sure you keep critters out of your home for good! Schedule an appointment with Critter Control today.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are quite tenacious animals that will stop at nothing to get into your home if they suspect a potential nesting opportunity. Call Critter Control of Wichita's office for all your squirrel control needs.

Full Service

Critter Control of Wichita has experience handling all of your squirrel control problems. Noticing an abundance of squirrel traffic around your home? Hearing scratching or scampering in your walls or ceiling? Chances are you have a squirrel control problem. Call Critter Control for pricing information and scheduling today!

Bat Control

Brown Bat in HomeIt is not uncommon to find bats roosting in chimneys, walls, and attics in Wichita homes. If you suspect a bat control problem in your home, call the professionals at Critter Control of Wichita today!

Bat Problems

A single bat colony can create a very dangerous situation for homeowners, mainly due to the accumulation of droppings. Bat droppings can be responsible for histoplasmosis. Make sure to keep your home healthy! Call our office today for scheduling and pricing information. Remove bats from your home before they breed in the warmer months and double in population.

Raccoon Control

Raccoon in an atticA raccoon's hand structure, dexterity and strength allows them to become the destructive animal they're destined to be. They will get into any part of your home that they want to, and they can open containers and doors just like a human can. If you're facing raccoon problems in your yard, save yourself the damage and call Critter Control of Wichita.

Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are strong animals that can create serious damage around your home. If they enter your attic or chimney severe damages can be made in a short amount of time. Critter Control of Wichita is experienced in professional raccoon control solutions. Call today for pricing information and scheduling!

Mice Control

Light Brown House MouseMice can get into homes through the smallest possible entry holes. Critter Control of Wichita's technicians are expertly trained to find each and every entry point and to create a removal plan for mice.

Droppings, Damage & Danger

Animals like mice will cause a huge mess of droppings. Areas like cabinets and kitchen counters are frequently discovered mouse dropping areas. Other reported damages that mice cause are ripped insulation, chewed electrical wires, and damaged items inside your home.

Be sure to keep your home safe from a possible electrical fire and call Critter Control immediately if you suspect a mouse control problem.