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Ed removed the bird nests from my attic wooden vents and installed screening on the exterior to prevent birds from building future nests between the wood slats. He also painted some scuffed up slats before he installed the screen. Great job.
Critter Control was great. They set 3 traps and returned the following week with positive results of the mole trapped & removed.
Excellent. Five stars.
Ed Was very straight forward about what the problem was and made very good recommendations how to fix the problem. I would very highly recommend this company to anyone that has a problem. Jerry Foster Topeka, KS.
Critter Control has provided me with great service!
Edmond was great. He was easy to work with and was always super informative about what was going on. The service was also very affordable. We will definitely use them again.
Raccoons had gotten into our attic. They were able to get them out, clean up the mess and secure the attic so they couldn't return.
Really excellent quick professional service. These folks really know their stuff.
Critter Control inspected and repaired he exterior of our home for roosts and potential entry areas for bats. John was thorough, explained options and concerns and was pleasant. He was timely with the repairs. We highly recommend Critter Control.
Very professional…excellent work done and fantastic clean up. I highly recommend this company!
Ed Shearer came promptly today. First, he reassured me that we did not have RATS, but BATS. He thoroughly inspected my house for entry points and then wrote up the cost of proceeding with abatement. All very clear and professional! I'm thrilled that we don't have rats.
Great service
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Edmund with critter control is the BEST. He has helped us out so many times with raccoons, bats and bees!! Always super friendly and efficient.
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They went past my expectations in providing a valuable service, very nice people to work with, and they solved my rodent issues in a timely fashion!! Would highly recommend using them if you have a problem!
I met Ed the owner who identified a bat entry point. A few days later the repairs were done to seal the area. They will return in August to put in a bat valve when the bat cubs are large enough to follow their parents out.
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Edmond set up the appointment and explained the costs to remove a skunk and her kits from my window well. Justin C. arrived on time. He was friendly, professional, and caring in how he handled the skunk and her kits. I was very impressed and highly recommend Critter Control, Edmond, and especially Justin!
Hands-on, professional, customer-friendly. Highly recommended!
Diane P.
Quick response and superior service and attention to detail. I have used them before on other Real Estate listings and they are AWESOME!!!! Also, the price is right. Diane Z Park
Don't really know what we received for $1029.00. We had to fix the hole under deck. We also found another hole under siding that we fixed.
James G.
Great! Quick response and very professional
They did a fantastic job! We really appreciate it that everything was done so quickly and havent seen or heard a mouse since! Thank you
Very friendly and capable tech.
Patrice P.
Rick did a great job of taking care of the problem (raccoon) and securing the area so hopefully we have no other unwanted visitors in our attic. Thank you!
Jarrett Lessert
Very knowledgeable on mice removal. Identified the problem and fixed it. Other pest control businesses just wanted to put out bait stations. Critter Control knew how to find and keep the mice from coming back. Highly recommend them to anyone with a rodent problem.
James Sharp
Removal of 2 raccoon carcasses from a 4? flue that vented down to a crawl space. Disinfected the flue also. This was a very nasty job and I am so grateful that justin was able to take care of it for me. Despite the nature of this particular project, he handled it without any complaints and was extremely pleasant throughout the whole process.
Elizabeth Behrman
They bat-proofed my house. Excellent job, on time, professionally done. They answered all my questions and really know what they are doing. I recommend their services highly.
Barbara Gobbert
Justin from Critter Control came out to inspect after I found a bat flying around the basement. He checked the basement and attic. He found the entrance up near the chimney, and evidence that about a dozen bats were living in the attic and had been for several years. Justin installed a one way tube so bats could leave and not re-enter. He also caulked multiple areas to prevent reentry. Justin was very knowledgeable and professional. Bats eat a lot of insects.
Phil Parrish
Justin was professional courteous and knowledgeable. We bought a house and had bats in the attic. He did a great job getting rid of bats in our attic in McPherson. I would recommend them for sure!
Diane Steadham
We are very glad we discovered Critter Control and Justin, wildlife technician. It?s been a learning experience with regard to bats in our attic area and Justin answered every question and provided information and solutions. It was impressive that his boss Ed was present for the mitigation and the 2 of them worked hard, were very organized on a hot summer day. I have confidence in Justin and Ed?s work and strongly recommend Justin @ Critter Control.
Anna Frayre
Critter control did amazing work. Justin was courteous, punctual, and very communicative. They were extremely professional and thorough and managed to get all SIX skunks off our property! We have a critter free yard and are very relieved. Thank you to the team at critter control for taking care of us!
Kathy Owens
We had a family of incredibly stubborn skunks nesting under our front porch. Justin worked tirelessly to find new ways to entice them out. He went above and beyond to win the battle for us until they were all finally gone. He was cheerful, polite, professional, and always maintained a positive outlook. I spoke with the owner of the company as well as another employee several times as well and everyone was equally patient and incredibly willing to work with us no matter how hard the skunks resisted capture. Justin also showed us what to look for moving forward and shared some great prevention tips to avoid this adventure in the future. I will keep Critter Control on speed dial for any future needs! We are very grateful for their help!
David Litton
Great company would recommend them very much. Gina in the office is great to work with, they were on time and very helpful when they came to the house. Answered my questions and did a thorough inspection, even checked the attic.
Boxing Clever
This company ((Austin)) trapped and caught a mama racoon and 4 babies that were living in my attic. Austin came every day to set and check the traps. He showed great compassion toward the racoons and it is clear he's a real animal lover. He came everyday to check and reset traps, and also did a great job sealing off the critter entry once all the animals were caught. I highly recommend this company!!!
Christina Nicely
Matthew DiMaiolo
Christian Withers
Ed and Austin were amazing! They came out to our place immediately after being called, they identified the problem quickly and accurately, and they immediately got to work taking care of our raccoon issue. Once they had the raccoons removed they also took care of all problem areas inside and outside of our home to make sure we didn?t have to deal with this issue again in the future! Thank you guys very much!
Gene Locke
Responded very quickly and adapted to changes in the situation professionally. Will definitely reccomend to friends and use in the future if needed.
Marlene Winter
I called about a baby Sparrow that had been blown out of its nest & John at Critter Gitters was very helpful for me!!
Denise Munsey
We had Bats getting our attic. The guys from Critter Control eradicated the problem in an efficient and environmentally sound way. They explained everything, gave us options on their services and left us "Bat Free!!". I highly recommend them!!
John Rhoden
Austin was great to work with. I was out of town when he did the work and asked him to communicate when the work was being done. He was great at updating me so I could make sure he had access. Great experience and I would recommend Critter Control.
Mason Hill
Randy Williams
Kristi Ann Hill
Casey Cochran
Dixie Snodgrass
Great company
Pat Love
I was very impressed Nick was friendly,knowledgeable and helpful he left me with several options and great recommendations He even took the fear out of the inspection great job Will definitely use again Thank you Nick
Belen Puga
Jon Coffey
Removed 3 skunks from under my patio with no issues at all. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Cheaper than other places in the area.
Very professional. Explained each step thoroughly.
David Gleason
The squirrels in our attic were taken care of in a very professional and timely manner. I highly recommend this company for all of your wildlife needs.
Lorana Dexter
We had unknown animals burrowing under our patio and mice getting into the house. Nick came out and set a trap, inspected the entire house for mouse entry points and wrote up a detailed estimate on how to fix the problems. Nick ended up trapping 2 skunks and did work to prevent any further skunks. We have had absolutely no mice inside since we had Nick do the work for mice abatement. At all times he was friendly, explained everything, easy to communicate with and professional. His prices are fair. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his company to anyone.
Ariel Clementi
Connie Anderson
Kyrie Hick
I just wanted to tell you guys how thankful I am for one of your employees named Rick who works for critter control of Wichita who went above and beyond and out of his way today to help me get gas when my car ran out in the middle of an intersection on the way to work to drop my kids off at school. I'm a pregnant mother of three I am so grateful to him!!!!I wanted to let you guys know that you have a wonderful person working for you I don't know how I could ever repay him but I hope that you guys and anybody else that has to deal with your guys's company realizes how great your employees are! Rick if you see this I thought my whole day was going to go horrible starting from the get-go and my car running out of gas you turned my whole entire day around completely thank you so much and God bless you!
Jackie Besser
I've lived in my home for 27 years and have never had a problem with mice until this past month. I called Ed at Critter Control explained my problem. He was very professional in explaining the process of removing and preventing any further little critters. 2 days later Rick showed up examined my house and my shed. He patched every little hole and placed traps. In 48 hours no more mice. They also came out after I got new siding to make sure everything was sealed up. Highly Recommend them. Prices are good service is excellent.
Christine Moose
Rick was fantastic. He not only helped me understand the process, but was very attentive, honest, fair, thorough, and went above and beyond to make sure I was set up to prevent more critters from making a home out of my attic. I would highly recommend Rick and Critter Control of Wichita to everyone looking for a job well done!
Dorene Wand
Great service
jenean mckinney
Had no fear ...great job
Georgie Kofford
Had a bunch of skunks living under my deck in my backyard, so we called Critter Control. Rick came out and explained how he would handle the issue using small animal traps to capture the skunks. Once caught, he would take the skunks outside of town about 5 miles or more & release them back into the wild. He trapped 3 skunks & 1 possum in 4 days, and another skunk the following week!!! I was extremely happy with the excellent service that was provided to remove the skunks humanely from my backyard. Rick was very knowledgeable & professional and provided excellent communications during the time the traps were set, ... checking up until the problem was resolved I would highly recommend Critter Control to anyone with similar critter problems!!!
Marilyn Mcfadden
We have called Critter Control for two different issues and have had complete success with their treatments. Unsightly mole trails covered our yard even after we tried several products to get rid of the little pests. In one treatment in one particular spot in our large lawn, Rick managed to rid us of moles! So we called Critter Control again when wood bees prohibited us from enjoying our patio. Rick came on a very hot, humid day and treated the wood patio cover. I'll always remember how miserably hot he was as we paid him and how thankful we are now to be able to sit on our patio in peace. The treatment was an overnight success! Thank you, Critter Control!
Cassandra Bryan
We had been having bat issues for a long time and these literally stopped the night after Rick visited my business. He followed up several times to make sure the job was fully taken care of. Rick was very professional, knowledgeable, confident, respectful and kind. I cannot express how thankful we are that he came out to save us! Thank you Rick from myself and all my team members at cb{d}. You are the best!
Lorie Threet
Would highly recommend Rick Crump with Critter Control to anyone with "pests". From the first day we contacted Critter Control they have been fast, efficient and friendly, making us feel we were in very capable hands. Can't be a lot of fun relocating skunks but Rick has trapped and relocated those wayward little animals for us each time we call. He is always very prompt, showing up when he says he will and taking care of business. I wouldn't hesitate to call him again with any critter concerns that might come up.
Gary Wells
We've used Rick Crump from Critter Control in Wichita several times the last two years. He always get the job done, is friendly and professional. Highly recommend you call Rick if you have any critter/varmint problems.